Friday, 14 February 2014

Enjoy my painting

I enjoy painting very much,  they can change house style in days.

After removing all of the wallpapers upstairs at landing area and painted the basic white colour to cover the plasterboards. I am starting to paint in a lovely grey from Dulux.

I have been seen websites mentioning about different greys. North facing, south facing, warm greys, blue greys,etc...But see what it is in reality needs lots of hard work. Not all of the paint would show the same results as on the tin or on the show panel. but in the end, There are many ideas I can do. Like putting up extra lighting goes  with some dark corners, put up some gorgeous paintings to make it brighter. All sorts will make sure the results would become your ideal colour and combination.

So quite exciting to see when this wall  dries and painting more later.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How I changed my post title colour~Copy and Paste~easy

Found this link for ''how to change the post title colour in HTML. Only need to copy and paste. How cool~
Best for a beginner like me~ lol

Quite by chance-Found these pretty things on Ebay~

Was looking for sewing pins and I found all these pretty things as well.
Vintage style carrying on but I am sure they are also nice to put in a collections of modern house.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

First time snow in this winter~

I am thinking of restarting my blog here. 

Absolutely everything! 

I have to stop wondering around at millions of websites, wasting lots of time. I should concentrating in reading and practising writing. Sharing things I really like, foods I really enjoy, crafts really inspired me. Here, right here.

I thought I would never understand HTML well, I would never understand Blog well. There are too many layouts and settings I need to test before it works for me. But I do not need to start things big, I could just do it simple!

In here, I will share my needle felting progress, my beginner's gardening techniques, my DIY house decorations and good healthy foods which helping me getting back to who I used to be.

Lots lots more...